Go Girl football fitness sessions are for girls and young women aged 16+ and who are not currently in education, employment or training. The project started in January 2016 as a pilot programme to see how many girls and young women would attend and like to participate.

This project is a partnership programme working with Oxfordshire County Council, Aspire and Oxford United who are offering coaching sessions to the girls and young women. Demi lambourne ( The OUFC ladies goalie) is part of this and these ladies are very inspirational to other girls and young women as we all know being a girl and playing football is very challenging for most- even though it is now 2016.

The sessions are on Tuesdays from 2-4pm and are running for the sports centre at the Barton community centre each week.


Partnership working; –Oxford United ladies. &  Aspire.

The go girl football has stopped and will continue again on September 6th.



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